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November 22 2012

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A Note on these two CVR transcripts.

In looking at these two transcripts, there is something seriously wrong. They don’t match up much. In any comparison of a single recording using two different enhancement/raw recovery processes, there are going to be a majority of areas that are identical. I really have to wonder if either one of these is real. I also have a copy of the CVR, care of one of the people in forum. I haven’t tried to enhance it yet because it came to me on a DVD rather than a CD, but I will try and strip out the audio to see if anything matches up.

One additional note: The excuse was made in the Margo Inquiry that the majority of the CVR was useless as the participants talked about food and women. I see no such dialogue in either CVR transcript (a little on drink in one). So, are either of these real? Or was Margo’s ‘determination’ of use-ability based on something else?

The Original CVR/ATC Used in the Margo Inquiry (Athnamas)

Margo Enquiry CVR Transcript Signed by Dr. Jansen (Athnamas)

(look at the differences??? and I am not saying that any are right or wrong, they’re just far too different)

In addition, I have rendered the alleged ‘real’ CVR without enhancements to MP3 at 128 kbits. Greater resolution at this point won’t help, as I have to go through the filtering and enhancement process. Of note however, there appears to be an inserted patch (I can tell by a noncontiguous waveform at the beginning of the section), roughly 8 minutes and change long of ‘silence’ (actually background plane noise). Tony Snelgar claimed he talked to Dawie Uys for about 8 minutes, isn’t that odd that a possible patch of the same approximate size exists? At some point I will explain how to fraudulently generate a CVR recording. This recording is presently untouched by me. (Tony, if you’re out there, contact me... please!)

One last note before you download. It has come from a reliable source that this copy of the CVR may be the one that was altered. I have no reason doubt this source or his word. In addition, there have been about 90 downloads of this file at 34 mbytes each. It’s a long download so bear this in mind.

The allegedly real CVR mp3
(someone has “stepped” on this copy - 34.57 mbytes stereo)

SABC Helderberg CVR Copy mp3
(someone has “stepped” on this copy - 28.52 mbytes mono

Stepping on is a reference used in a bad drug deal where something has been introduced to the product to dilute it or ruin it. Neither of the copies that are presently downloadable are the original CVR rendered to Reel2Reel then to Digital WAV and finally MP3. So don’t get your hopes up, we aren’t there yet.

Additional CVR Transcripts
(courtesy of Athnamas)

CVR Preliminary Info Unconfirmed Feb 09 1988
CVR Info Feb 09 1988
Jansen Transcript 1
Jansen Transcript 2
Recorded Intelligence

CVR at last transmission in loop, prior to bubbling sounds

CVR Last Transmission in Loop plus Bubbling Sound (MP3 Format)


In the following two transcript versions of the CVR, you will note they bear very little resemblance to each other.


One Transcript Version of the CVR?/Mauritius ATC Recording

CA = Captain
FE  = Flight Engineer
MA = Mauritius ATC

23:49 CA: Er, good morning, we have, er, a smoke problem and we are doing an emergency descent to level one five, er, one four zero.
MA: Confirm you wish to descend to flight level one four zero?
CA: Ja, we have already commenced, er, due to a smoke problem in the aeroplane.
MA: Eh, roger, you are clear to descend immediately to flight level one four zero.

23:50 CA: Roger, we will appreciate it if you can alert, er, fire, er, er, er.
MA: Do you request a full emergency please? A full emergency?
CA: Affirmative, that's Charlie Charlie
MA: Roger, I declare a full emergency.
CA: Thank you.

23:51 MA: (asks for a position report)
CA: Now we have lost a lot of electrics. We haven't got anything on the aircraft now.
MA: (asks for an ETA and positions updates)
CA: (gives both)
MA: (advises that both runways are available)
CA: Er, we'd like to track in er, on, er, one three.
MA: Confirm runway one four?
CA: Charlie Charlie.

00:03 MA: (gives clearance and asks to report passing FL050)

00:04 CA: Kay. [Last radio contact with ATC]
...: [fire alarm bell sounds, followed by interphone chime]
FE: What's going on now - cargo?
FE: It came on now afterwards.
[loud click sounds]
??: Say again?
FE: Main deck cargo...then the other one came on as well. I've got two.
CA: (calls for checklist to be read)
[sound of movements with clicks and clunks]
CA: ****. It is the fact that both came on, it disturbs one.
[intercom chime while CA is speaking]
??: Aag!, ****
CA: What's going on now?

[sudden loud sound & rapid changes ---> tape test tone]


A Second Transcript Version of the CVR

This is a complete transcript of the previously inaudible dialogue on board the Helderberg, as deciphered by an American specialist.

Note: Words between brackets indicate words whose clarity is not completely distinguishable. In some instances reasonable and possible alternative interpretations are listed in the following format: [1st interpretation / 2nd interpretation].

0:00 - 0:56: No additional dialogue detected until 0:56.

0:56: Have a drink.

0:59: Tastes so good. Just like Coke.

1:04: Hope they didn't contract this.

1:07: Hope to give us heartburn.

No additional dialogue until 1:59.

1:59: Allen maak dit 'n bietjie warmder hiervoor asseblief!
(Allen, please turn up the heat up here in front!)

(Right, Captain.)

No additional dialogue detected until 8:22.

8:22: Here's the problem.

(Okay). What's (that)?

8:27: Boy George is aboard.

Holy cow.

8:32: (It's/here's) a little secret (I) thought (that) you fellows would want to know.

8:35: What did you say?

8:39: A bomb is (aboard/onboard).

8:41: Way in the back?

8:42: It could be lit.

8:44: That could be (our/a) problem.

8:48: Real big problem . . . Yeah, big problem . . . Very difficult
problem . . . No kidding.
(No kidding is very faint and difficult to hear.)

8:56: Who the hell else knows (this) besides you?

(Nobody is very faint and difficult to hear.)

9:03: What?

Nobody . . . Nobody.

9:08: Who could have done the allocating?

9:11: On top of list, operations would . . . Those (unintelligible) will
(foul up/follow).

9:17: Allen, this is especially very, very difficult.

9:22: Yes it is, it's terrible.

9:26: This is really terrifying, what could happen . . . No **** .

9:29: What do you say?

(9:30): Holy smoke, that's illegal.

9:39: What do you do?

9:42: Dumb.

(Additional dialogue between 9:42 and 9:50 could not be recovered.)

9:50: We should point to the (jerk).

9:52: Montel Steward (might/may) have.

9:55: Who had plenty to say (about) this?

9:56: (Mickey)
(This is difficult to hear - however, there are two clear waveform rises
indicating two syllables.)

10:02: He always makes (me) fly ('em) . . .

They made that common for you?

10:08: Oh, holy . . .

10:09: How'd it get to this?

I don't know.

10:13: Tell Kevin Walker.

Do you think that would help?

10:17: (It might)(I don't know)
(This is extremely faint.)

10:24: (Who owns it?)

This is government owned.

10:27: It would have to have been.

10:30: What should we do about it?

10:37: (Yeah, probably.)

10:40: We're dead.

10:42: Kaptein iets te drinke?
(Captain something to drink?)

No thanks, no thanks.

10:54: What a day.

11:06: If they do pressure us again, don't (comply).

11:19: Call the (chief).

11:22: (All right).

(You're crazy), you're crazy you know, to have done this.

11:30: (David), maybe I owe you one.

All right.

11:35: What foolishness.

You're right.

11:41: We fly in (their/the/a) nuclear bomb.

11:44: What can you do?

11:46: Report to work.

11:52: Exactly . . .

(You) got me.

12:00: (Refuse).

12:02: Can't do (it).

12:06: What's their (gain/game)?

12:17: Look for the person who's gained.

12:24: Looking for it could kill.

Holy smoke.

12:28: Oh, likely (it's) strung out.

12:31: I (just) can't believe what we're doing.

(12:34): Nothing we can say or do.

12:37: Who could move the paperwork?

(12:39): They could hide it.

12:41: A forgery.

(12:44): A forged entry.

12:46: It's probably just a simple thing to replace the (log field) with (down time).


12:52: Probably.

12:56: You are right as day.

12:59: They would want to keep it quiet.

13:02: Gotta be.

(13:03): People are sick.

13:05: Must by crazy.

13:06: He's right.

13:24: Is that really significant to the whole point (though/Joe)?

13:28: Meaning, these guys feel up to their fraudulent way.

13:33: Agreed.

(It's) very sick.

13:36: I'm convinced the point is they're convinced that they're right.

13:42: All right, who could do it?

13:49: It's not real clear.

(13:53): It's not supposed to be.

13:58: I admit, I believe it's dumb.

14:09: Could we be injured?

(14:12): Yes.

14:14: Who do you suspect it is?

(14:16): (Government).

(14:17): Yes.

14:20: You can bet your (right knee) when we de-board they'll be around.

14:25: What can we do?


14:29: Really, you could get hurt just looking at it.

Slapped in your face.

14:35: The real truth of it will be detected and will tell our people that they can't trust their own government.

14:44: This won't work.

(14:46): I hope we live.

14:50: Yes . . . Maybe somebody's on the take . . . Especially with (Ray) gone.

14:58: Well, it's probably tangled up, when you'd be lookin' at this . .
. They look . . . (at us).

15:05: I'll say this, this is a problem. It's a real problem.

15:20: When they write the minutes of this meeting, and the details of our little secret here . . .

15:25: Thank you for a splendid Molotov cocktail . . . That could kill.

Right . . . You bet . . . Believe it.

15:36: Hmm.. Um-hm . . . That is right . . . We're dead.

(No additional dialogue detected until 26:21.)

26:21: (What's/****) this.

(26:24): The right (wing area/ rear area).

26:25: Thought I saw some smoke . . . (Where?)

26:30: That actually could (not be/ happen).

(26:32): On the (outside/ right side)?

26:33: Don't know. I'm worried, though.

26:35: (Look at the heading.) 26- (30/bearing)-6-7.

26:39: (30/40) minutes yet to go.

(26:41): Hopefully.

26:43: Long way.

26:44: (Bring/ring] up Mauritius . . . Ja, (zero)-2-3.

26:48: (1-2-3)

(Sounds like numbers, but is not distinct.)

26:51: (Réunion/some name) may be closer.

26:53: I have no choice.

26:57: (Unintelligible).

(No additional dialogue until 29:14.)

29:14: Fire alarm bell.

29:18: Intercom chime.

29:19: What's going on now?

29:21: What?

29:23: Cargo.

29:25: This came on now afterwards.

29:29: (What/where) is that?

29:31: Look at the light.

29:32: Okay.

29:35: Right rear quadrant.

29:41: And the alarm came on as well as (these two/this too).

29:45: Should I push the button over there?

29:46: Ja . . . Ja.

29:48: This (one's/was) a different problem.

29:51: This light flared up as well.

29:53: Huh?

29:55: Is the general (fire) light on?

29:56: Ja.

30:17: Fok dis die feit dat altwee aangekom het . . . dit steur mens.
(****, the fact is both came on ... it's terrifying.)

30:20: Intercom chime.

30:22: Ah **** .

30:23: 800 Hz-tone.

(End of recording.)





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