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November 22 2012

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Helderberg Information

My sincerest condolences to the families of the victims of the Helderberg SA-295 ’accident’ of November 28, 1987.

The Helderberg SAA ZS-SAS

A 747-244b combi aircraft also known as South African Airlines SA-295 with Aircraft Identification ZS-SAS. The Helderberg crashed into the Indian Ocean approximately 160 miles (135nm) NE off the coast of Mauritius on November 28, 1987 killing all 159 (160?) passengers and crew onboard. This aircraft disaster has been a mystery since it occurred much like the Rietbok and Machel crashes and there has been a great deal of speculation concerning the events surrounding the disaster and its cause. The South African Government organized inquiries into the disaster headed by Judge Cecil Margo and later tabled by Dr. David Klatzow under the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission). No definitive resolution concerning the disaster has ever come from these ‘experts’ and ‘investigators’. There is reasonable speculation on the part of Klatzow, but he allegedly has no hard proof and apparently no reliable witnesses. Judge Margo’s inquiry into the disaster was quite simply, in my opinion, a joke, as much of the evidence was allegedly disallowed groundlessly, witnesses were not called or were threatened and key ‘players’ in Armscor and the South African Government were never even summoned to testify. And then there is the ANC which has never admitted or denied it’s role in the Helderberg catastrophe. I believe it unlikely that Mbeki or the ANC will re-open the Helderberg investigation as it could severely damage them.

FTP Available for Documentation

For those looking for large amounts of information on the Helderberg that can be downloaded in one session, I have set up an FTP server. I just need an e-mail address and username so that I can set up access.

Forum 5/Cineflix/Mayday

Using National Geographic as a launch vehicle, the episode known as “Cargo Conspiracy” has been aired in early April 2008. This docudrama alleges that it explores the Helderberg crash and is available in a number of location on the internet. I have not seen it as of this writing so I cannot comment on the validity or accuracy of the episode. You can however find it using a Google Search .

Under the “Documents” tab, you will find information as I collect it or as it is submitted by other sources. You can be public in your submission or you can be anonymous, I don’t release names to anyone unless they give me permission first. If you have any comments on information presented here, feel free to e-mail and I’ll post it for you or I will set up a forum.

There is so much information missing that has never been made public. I started a bit of it with my book, just to get the ‘ball rolling’ a little faster. I really hope more people come forward even if it has to be behind a veil of anonymity.

A Quick Note on the Impact of the Truth

It’s my understanding that South African Airlines were only required to pay R155,000 for a “breadwinner” and R55,000 for all others. This is a pittance to what one can make in a lifetime and obscene by any standards. Let me explain something here, if SAA was found culpable in criminal activity in concert with Armscor and/or others (which includes perjury), ALL OF THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENTS BECOME NULL AND VOID. This means that SAA, Armscor, the SA Government and whomever else is involved have to come back to the “table” (and court for criminal proceedings) and work out proper settlement agreements for the families of the victims. So, if you are sitting on the sidelines saying nothing because you feel this won’t go anywhere, think again. We (a collective of individuals) have been examining the legal actions required to procure a fair and honest outcome in both National and International Courts.

A Little Levity on Control

One day, the major organs in the body decided to have a meeting concerning
 ‘who’ should have control over the entire body.

The brain being the most intelligent spoke up and said,
“I do all the thinking, I should be in charge.”
The stomach then spoke up and said,
 “But I digest all the food and give us all energy so that we can perform our work.”
Then the kidneys spoke up and said,
 “Wait a second here, I filter the waste from our blood, without me we would all be poisoned and die.”
But then the lungs interjected,
 “It should be me, without my oxygen in our blood, we would all suffocate.”
Hearing the argument, more organs started raising their voices and stating their opinions on why they should be in control of the body.

The brain called order to the meeting and thought on this a moment. Then they all heard a small voice from far away, it was the asshole saying,
 “You know, I think it should be me in charge because without me,
the solid waste would back up and you’d all die.”

Hearing this from the asshole, all the organs in the body started laughing, telling it that it was just a pipe with a dump vent and why should an organ that was so simple have control of the entire body. The asshole felt insulted and decided to go on strike, so it closed up tight and stopped working to show the rest of the organs in the body just how important it was.

The first day of the asshole’s strike was OK and the second, a bit uncomfortable for the stomach and intestines and by the third day there was pain in other parts of the body. On the fourth day, the brain started getting a bit “fuzzy” and the kidneys weren’t able to work right, the stomach couldn’t digest any more food because the intestines were backed up and the lungs were having trouble breathing and getting oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the blood. On the fifth day, the brain couldn’t think properly anymore, it was having fewer and fewer lucid moments. The brain decided to hold another meeting between the organs, but they were all so screwed up by the poisons staying in the body, they just argued. Finally, on the sixth day, the brain and all the other organs gave in to the asshole, the brain speaking for all of them said,
 “We get your point, you can have control of the body.”
However badly directed, the body started functioning again and all the individual parts were able to stay alive.

The purpose of this story is just to indicate that you don’t have to be a “brain” or some useful part of a “body,” company or government to take control and screw things up.

You can do it by just being an asshole.


This is obviously a water ditch, there may be some similarities, but this is a Boeing 767 ditching at the Comoros. If anyone has the debris maps/patterns for this crash please e-mail them to me.

Cabin crew sabotage SAA’s long-haul planes
Roger Makings
21 January 2007
From the Sunday Times

IT IS only a matter of time before an SAA aircraft suffers the same fate as the Helderberg unless cabin crew stop sabotaging overhead warning lights, according to a circular sent to captains of the airline’s long-range aircraft.

Two smouldering blankets were found wedged into the overhead lights on two different aircraft earlier this month, the circular said.

Cabin crew dislike the “no smoking” and “fasten seatbelts” warning lights because they interfere with their sleep during their rest periods on long-haul flights.

The circular, which described the sabotage as “extremely dangerous” and a “criminal offence”, said the blankets had “started to burn” when they were found.

The airline suffered its worst accident when the Helderberg, a Boeing 747, plummeted in a ball of fire into the ocean off Mauritius 20 years ago, killing all 159 on board.

According to the circular, removing the wiring in the overhead units could lead to short- circuiting behind closed panels.

It went on: “Almost all aircraft returning to base recently have had lights where the wiring behind the light had been pulled out.”

SAA said this week that culprits could be dismissed. A spokesman denied, however, that blankets had been found burning, despite what was said in the circular.

Since last year eye shades had been issued to all cabin crew and the overhead lights were being checked before and during flights.

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The book is
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