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November 22 2012

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The Realist Party
(this is purely opinion, but it makes sense)

One day very soon, people are going to get really pissed off and act, if things don’t change for the better!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing."
(Ed Burke)

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!"
(Barry Goldwater)

"Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise." (Adolf Hitler)

˜To know the truth when it is not fashionable is hard.
To tell the truth when it is illegal is even harder.” Anonymous

˜The enemy of subversive thought is not suppression, but publication: truth has no need to fear the light of day; fallacies wither under it. The unpopular views of today are the commonplaces of tomorrow, and in any case the wise man wants to hear both sides of every question.” (Sir Stanley Unwin)

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”
(Benjamin Franklin)

The IMF and World Bank through governmental manipulation in every country, for decades have deceived us in every imaginable way. Canada has been presented as a country since 1867 when actually it is simply a colony of England controlled by the Queen, like an absentee landlord. In the US, morons like George Bush are placed in office to see just how stupid people are in the United States and if an imbecile could be placed in the White House, in addition, to see if people were dumb enough to allow election fraud and false flag operations like 9/11. Now there’s Obama, give your head a shake and shudder a bit. Corrupt murderers like Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe are left in charge of countries, just to see if like sheep, we’ll keep sending them food aid while they pilfer and squander their own country’s coffers and natural resources, kill and starve their own people.

The terrorists are in our own countries masquerading as government, they are puppets and like I’ve always said, “Have you ever seen a puppet with a brain?”

As of July 2008, you as an average individual, are spending in excess of 80 cents on every dollar you earn from the fruits of your labour, in taxes to pay for BIG government mismanagement and IMF/World Bank Debt. Your indexed buying power in 2008 is four percent (4%) of what it would have been in 1912 before the first world war and the first banking/stock market scam. In the 1950’s a married man working at an average job supported a house that he bought, a car, a wife who stayed at home and two to three children. Now, a couple both HAVE to work in order to “maybe” buy a house, a car and raise a family.

We have all, as a country, reached a point where the money generated by the Federal Income Taxes collected by the government has become equivalent to ONLY THE INTEREST on the country’s debt!

Our “Country” (a colony actually) is controlled by global corporations and global financiers who are bilking us every day in a fraudulent banking scam based on a system of usury and on-demand currency generation. Because of this simple fact, we will always have a deficit, we will always be in debt. Right now, the world’s global debt is over 485 trillion dollars and the worlds yearly production is 60 trillion dollars. Where did that other 425 trillion dollars come from and where did it go, if it wasn’t just made-up by global banks such as the IMF/World Bank in collusion with allegedly “federal” banks like the Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve to mention a couple of the central banks?

The Canadian (or any) government supports only big corporations. The oil companies add toxic waste to gasoline and it’s allowed by the government. The Canadian government went to the UN as the LEAD supporter of Monsanto’s Terminate Seed program which will destroy farmers everywhere and there’s a lot more, look up Codex Alimentarius on Google or Yahoo! How is this helping the people or common citizen of any country?

It’s no wonder we all have an immense financial problem with debt and usury. It’s a never ending cycle, one from which we can never escape as individuals or as countries.

Or can we?

Canada, like the US is following Corporate Nationalistic trends, unfortunately, Canada is also a Socialist colony. Socialism in my view, is the retarded sister of it’s evil twin sibling, Marxism and just one step away from dictatorship and a totalitarian regime. In any event, both Socialism and Marxism are communist by nature. However, Canada, which is leaning towards National Socialism follows more in line with national socialism in Germany of the early/mid 20th century and was in fact, part of the name that made up Hitler’s political party, the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP), the Nazi Party in short. In addition, Corporatized National Socialism also follows the thinking of Mussolini and that of the Italian or Spanish Fascisti (Fascism). Mussolini wanted to nationalize all corporations and make them instruments of the government, whereas in Canada, the US and every other country in the world, the government has been nationalized by the corporations, specifically the central banks under the control of global financiers. By the way, Mussolini coined the term Corporatism.

One of the enemies of a free society was quoted as saying;
Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws.”
Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Why was it evil for Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Franco to operate in this manner and install Nazism, Fascism, Corporatism, Marxism and Communism (and it is/was evil), but it’s OK for the IMF and UN to do exactly the same thing? If the world continues in its present trends, we will be taxed to death as slaves of a corporate global totalitarian regime with no rights or freedoms. Is this the way we want to live or the legacy we wish to leave our children?
And we’re almost there now.

It’s funny, it all comes down to the kind of “press” these people get, good, bad, indifferent, it promotes or vilifies agendas and good press can promote a bad or even evil agenda, just look at Mandela, Obama or Bush and any Pope in history.

I think we all understand the nature of taxation and see the ill effects that have been wrought upon Canadians and other countries by inept puppet regimes over the years (we loosely call them political parties). But each, conservative and liberal (or NDP and Green Party) are controlled by the same master, the IMF, the World Bank, the Corporatocracy and the Global Bankers.

Imagine a game of Blackjack, where all the players at the table and the dealer are listening to one “man” for instructions on how to bid and play. The players are countries and the dealer the IMF. The “man” in this crooked game, gets to see everyone’s hand and tells each to play and bid according to the outcome the “man” wishes to have in place throughout the game. For a while, the US is in a winning position and then the EU, but maybe China will win the end game. Only the “man” walking around the table and seeing all the cards in all the hands knows for sure, since he controls all sides of the equation. This is a huge problem in what is allegedly a free society today, since the controllers of society and the world are almost invisible, but they want to “come out of the closet” and are preparing us for this heinous event.

Therefore, we propose that a new form of government be instituted that benefits the people of Canada and the world, rather than a few international bankers, their minions in government and their legions of usury usurpers.

I have watched countries, taken apart and destroyed by the UN, IMF/World Bank and International Corporations. I’ve seen unemployment rise to 60% and poverty to 80% of entire populations of tens of millions, their health care and hospitals destroyed while their governments filter bribe money into offshore accounts, people raped and mutilated, I’ve seen them killed, both deliberately and as collateral damage for the sake of the IMF controlled state and programs. It happened in South Africa, it’s happening in South America right now as well and it’s coming to your country very soon, if it’s not there already in some form.

I want to help change Canada before it’s too late, into the powerhouse of a country it once might have been and can be again, where a citizen’s individual rights are respected. Canada’s energies are latent right now, usurped and strictly controlled by global financiers, their puppets in government and by the IMF controlled, Bank of Canada. We have so many intelligent people here that could make this land into a real country, rather than a colony controlled by a corporate and feudal oligarchy attached to an obsolete monarchy that bases its right to rule on a lie. I am still waiting to see God’s signature on a contract with the Queen or any “ruler” for that matter. It must have been hard to maintain the lie for this long.

The Queen (against the wishes of the citizens) signed the 7th European Union Treaty in June 2008 and gave royal accent to the sale of Great Britain to the European Union, there was very little press on this event. As of January 1, 2009, we will no longer be British Subjects living in the colony of Canada. We will be Canadian Citizens with a chance to determine our own future and we have the chance to become a real country.

    If you don’t believe this, write to your MP and ask him/her to WRITE YOU BACK asking;
    1. Is Canada controlled by the Queen through the Queen’s Viceroy, the Governor General?
    2. Is the Prime Minister whom we “elected” the “Head of State” of Canada?
    3. Has the Queen (for Great Britain) signed entry into the European Union?
    4. Has the Queen given royal accent to the final (7th) EU treaty to join the EU?
    5. Is the Bank of Canada a Federal Institution owned and controlled by the Canadian Government?
    6. Does the Canadian Government trade Canadian assets for currency from the Bank of Canada at charge or interest?.
    7. Is the bulk (more than 90%) of federal income tax used to pay down only the interest on the debt to the IMF, Bank of Canada or its/their agents/partners/shareholders?
    8. Is Canada still operating under the “War Measures Act?”

Pointed questions with yes or no answers and the answers are;

    1. YES, 2. NO, 3. YES, 4. YES, 5. NO, 6. YES, 7. YES, 8 YES

A Little on England and the European Union,2144,3490994,00.html,1518,560911,00.html

A little known fact about the 1929 stock market crash and the subsequent bankruptcies of ever country in the world (except Germany-1945 and New Zealand-1967). If you understand how bankruptcies work, then you’ll know there is a trustee. When a creditor allows a bankruptcy to occur there can be binding conditions. In the case of the 1933/34 global bankruptcies, here are some of the conditions;

    1. The bankrupt country, would allow the installation or formalization of a central bank controlled by a central governing power.
    2. The bankrupt country, obviously not able to plan its financial future was to hand over control of the economy and currency to a central governing power.
    3. The bankrupt country, would pay down the debt to the central governing power as principal plus interest and the IMF (now) would act as trustee.
    4. Secrecy had to be maintained at any cost, therefore, the appearance would be made that government controlled their currencies and economies by appointing “local” governors selected by a central governing agency.
    5. Political party leaders would sign documents such as Executive Orders or War Measures Acts to ensure that all information could be suppressed and managed.

The central governing agency appears to be the Bilderbergers and their handlers.

I have a few suggestions;

Dissolution of the Bank of Canada !!!
De-coupling from the Global Financiers and
IMF/World Bank

The Bank of Canada
is not a Federal Institution, it is not even a Canadian Institution, it is a Feral Institution and it is controlled by the IMF and World Bank through “Governors” selected by the IMF and World Bank, but “appointed” by the present and past governments under penalty of economic collapse. Every dollar printed or created in Canada under the control of the Bank of Canada is lent to the Corporation of the Government of Canada at interest. All of the present “Governors” and the politicians that appointed them should be fired at best or charged with treason at worst. Do you know where the money goes from our taxes to pay down the debt? It goes into UN programs like Codex Alimentarius for population control and reduction, “Better Living through the Chemistry of Death.” Or it goes into creating wars, which are a huge moneymaker for the UN, IMF and all of their buddies in the Arms business.

Institution of a Federal Bank under the DIRECT control of the Government of Canada
This would remove the borrowing of our own money from the IMF. Our currency would then be based on the real value of the Canadian economy and national asset base, not some arbitrary value provided by the IMF and/or World Bank to “equalize” global enterprise or increase the profits of the bankers. Look at what the banks are doing, they take your “money” and use it for their purposes, pay you a pittance for the use of your money and then charge you for the use of their “services.” Wait a second here, they are charging us to use our “money” to their benefit? What’s wrong with this picture, are we stupid?

A Proper Divorce!
If we are going to be called a country, then let’s be one. Right now, we need to properly divorce ourselves from England, throw out the governor general and all the lieutenant generals for the provinces. These parasites are a waste of time, money and air. They are simply the left over meat puppets from an obsolete and inbred feudal monarchy. Let’s get with the times people!

Present Politicians
Our politicians are enemies of the people! They don’t do what we tell them, they do what the international bankers and multi-nationals tell them. They have to go!

Political Leaders
Responsibility, transparency and accountability, if they are caught with their hand in the taxpayer cookie jar or take kickbacks and graft, 20 years in jail, no exceptions. These people get paid more than enough to do a good job (and I would propose caps and a referendum on salary increases by the voters), they don’t need to be skimming and taking payoffs to move money for illegitimate projects that happen to be with their friends in business or universities. If they make a legitimate mistake in some program or process, well, we are only human, but it better be provable. I would set up a small independent and autonomous task force to investigate ALL politicians, bureaucrats and lobbyists for malfeasance, past and present.

The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets oiled.

That dog don’t hunt here! That wheel is getting thrown out into the garbage where it belongs. Political lobbying should be carefully monitored, you can ask politely, you can make rational arguments, you can beg if you are so inclined, but as soon as one of these lobbyists offers money or value, it’s a bribe and its jail time. If the lobbying includes threats concerning banking, war, sedition, immigrant populations or any other “group,” there’s always jail time or deportation as an option. Or we could do like we did with deer, we could make them “game” to reduce their population since they are hurting the “environment.”

The Senate
Would be limited to terms of 4 years, they would be elected, NOT APPOINTED, no more lifelong appointments and “Golden Handshakes” for work poorly done, just look at the mess we are in today because of these people!

“Golden Handshakes”
No more pensions that bleed the system dry just because a person was a Prime Minister, Senator, Governor, MP or other flavour of the day criminal. People are just people, we are all the same and just because an MP sat on his ass in Commons and opened his mouth a few times and voted, doesn’t mean he has any more intrinsic value that a pensioner who worked in a steel mill or some other company, where the pensioner has actually performed real work. Right off the top, I can think of a few forms of employment that have considerably more worth than any politician like, military personnel, factory floor workers, many of the police, game wardens, grocery store clerks, highway and construction workers, etc. Politically related pensions should be indexed, limited and subject to proper public consent.

The Legal System
This has to be overhauled to make it more accessible to all Canadians. There must be a reduction in the number of laws and the law should make sense rather than make every honest Canadian Citizen into a criminal. In addition, the punishment should fit the crime, which isn’t the case right now. Lawyers should not have the duality of purpose they presently exercise, they cannot be an officer and representative of the court and at the same time a representative of their client, their allegiance has to lay with their employer, otherwise every lawyer would be in a conflict of interest as they are today. We can see the law isn’t working by the number of crimes committed, by politicians and CEO’s of corporations in which they walk away and end up in Kingston Bermuda, instead of Kingston Penitentiary. Which brings me to whistleblowers, NO GAG ORDERS ON WHISTLEBLOWERS, like the gag order that was placed on me to protect government ministers and university personal from public scandal and jail time.

Frivolous Lawsuits
As an example, no more lawsuits where a criminal during the commission of a crime can sue their intended victim for damages. How retarded is the present rule which goes directly against profiting from the commission of a crime.

Copyright and Patent Reform
We need serious changes to the copyright laws that both protect patent and copyright holders while at the same time extend rights to consumers. A step in the right direction might be adding surchages to all blank CD and DVD sales so that the surcharge monies can be distributed to artists. The present system however, just doesn’t work. It’s cheaper and posses less jail time to commit murder or rape that to infringe a copyright (5 years jail and $250,000 in fines per instance, meaning per single piece of copyrighted material, a whole CD of 10 songs would possibly be $2.5 million in fines and 10 years in jail). Meanwhile politicians and corporations commit fraud daily destroying thousands of lives at a time. We need some balance!

International Interference
NO MORE UN or US INTERFERENCE! The SPP has to go! This ClimateGate garbage being promoted has to go! I personally would never sign a treaty for myself, let alone a country based on fraudulent science plus a globalist agenda where my country would be subjected to uncontrolled global taxation and global governance and global reparations. Sorry, we have enough problems at home here we need to clean up first, so my investments would be in Canada and its people. NOT THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTER CARTEL. And Maurice. I knew you when you were at Ontario Hydro in the 90’s, remember me, remember Chad and South Africa and our woosey ass external affairs? If I were in power and you came back here after this AGW garbage, I think I could have you charged with treason, I’d try anyway. But do yourself a favour, don’t come back.

The Internet
No more throttling, no more restrictions on free speech. Please, NO MORE BELL CANADA! Child pornographers or any criminal activity would have the purveyors hunted down, charged and tried

No more selling unused pollution credits to third parties. If we are going to be pro-active and try to reduce pollution, then let’s do it, rather than shift the pollution around making equally bad for everyone everywhere under the present legislation. Let’s do it the right way and try to make it equally better for everyone, everywhere.

See the documentaries, “The World According to Monsanto” and “Sweet Misery”

I’d legalize it and tax it just like cigarettes and tobacco. It’s no worse than drinking for the intoxication level, but marijuana has some fantastic health benefits, it reduces stress without destroying your liver, it’s not a toxin like drinking ethanol (Alcohol), it helps your eyes especially in cases where glaucoma (or the precursors to) is present, it mediates pain and suffering, it increases appetites for people on cancer and other drugs and it goes on and on. You can make paper, clothes and ethanol for fuel from hemp, so what’s the big deal? We’ll hurt the old-boys stilling club or the government drug dealers, so what! I would end this prohibition!

If you give money to, or support terrorism (including government terrorism) or harbour terrorists, 20 years in jail or immediate deportation in a little boat with a hole in it. Having an opinion is not terrorism. Selecting soft targets like women, children, aged persons, the disabled, hospitals, etc. for terror campaigns and death, is terrorism. In addition, anytime someone in authority threatens a common citizen with jail, assault, death or the confiscation of their property with no supportable legal grounds, that is also terrorism, it has to stop!

Sound like a country you live in?

I want these people to work for us, rather than against us, after all, as taxpayers, we pay their salaries. So there would be a whole new set of common sense rules on search and seizure. No more warrant-less wiretaps and surveillance. Can you hear me now, CSIS! There are lot of good honest cops out there, but unfortunately there are more bad than good.

Capital Punishment
Applicable to first degree, premeditated murder or killing a police officer in the commission of his/her duty or military personnel in the commission of their duties. There would be a three year “stay” to allow for appeals based on new evidence.

Political Correctness
Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others in intelligence, body mass, attractiveness, etc. Hate Crime laws have to be changed, Political Correctness is passé and getting older daily. We are becoming seriously Orwellian due to the mantras of this ”new religion.” Racism, Anti-Racism and Reverse Racism are all equally evil and these affirmative action programs have to go, they are insulting and degrading. Affirmative Action (type) programs, laws and quotas say that “you’re to stupid or handicapped and you need an edge to break even.” I’m still not hiring an idiot when I need someone who can think and talk, I don’t care what colour, ethnic background or religion they belong to, stupid is stupid and unintelligible oral communication is just annoying and frustrating. I’ll hire someone who can do the job and who can at least speak understandable English. If you want to come to Canada, then integrate! Be a Canadian, learn the language or go home and this hyphenated “somebloodycountry-Canadian” is crap. It’s good to be proud of your heritage, but seriously, people have to stop using it as a crutch.
And Remember, that if you’re an immigrant, it’s a privilege to be here, not your right.

Religion and the promotion of it, is meant to be a selfless and charitable enterprise, not a moneymaking or property gathering scam purely organized to provide the upper echelon with power and see which religion can be the “big dog.” Registered churches and religions which are non-profit and which do not delve into buying extra properties including stocks, for profit, would remain tax free. All others that might appear more interested in money, rather than in the God which they profess to cherish, therefore would be taxed like any other “for profit” corporation. In addition, any “church” that moves its collected moneys outside of Canada (or the country of origin) to some head office, rather than to the benefit of community programs and national charities, would also be taxed. And another thing, I’m a Christian but I don’t impose my beliefs on anyone, everybody has a right to their own opinions and beliefs. I am not going to go to Iran and try to convert Muslims or Japan to convert Taoists or Buddhists. By the same token, I don’t appreciate having some fanatical religious overzealous bipolar sect force their beliefs on me, so as far as Sharia Law or any other religious law, if you want it, go back to the country where it started! If you want to practice your religion in peace and promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence, I think we all have pretty open arms, at least the normal people amongst us.

Western Provinces and Northern Territories
They need greater latitude in their self determination and ability to exploit their portion of the existing natural resources, within limits of course but broad limits. I would prefer freedom and cooperation, rather than eventual civil war and separation. If the present government keeps screwing with the provinces, from the rhetoric I hear, eventually we are going to have civil war and then we get those damned UN troops on our soil because our meat puppet assclown politicians signed treaties we didn’t agree with. How are YOU going to like it when some foreigner that can’t even speak the language points a gun at you and motions you to shut the fuck up, lay down or die?

Maritime Provinces
Like the north, these areas should be given better incentives for business enterprises using self supporting renewable fuel technologies. We should be practicing population distribution that is voluntary, attractive and beneficial to all, on an individual and a country wide level. Most locations with true beauty are away from the borders, so we should be making distributed towns and technology centres

Official Languages
In Quebec, French and English, everywhere else English. If Quebec doesn’t like it, cut their provincial subsidization because Canadian taxpayers spend more on Quebec than it produces, it’s a financial black hole. We are paying them to learn English, they aren’t paying us for anything.

Cancellation of Personal Federal and Provincial Income Tax
Once Canada begins to print its own money, rather than borrowing it from international financiers, there will be no need for income tax, therefore, income tax will be reduced from its present rates to zero and phased out completely over a five year period. Most Revenue Canada/CRA personnel would be moved over to the new Federal Banking Institution or to Flat Tax Management and Oversight.

Institution of A Flat Tax
On most goods and service of 15% to 20% for products and services within Canada, 25% for goods and services imported into Canada. A single Flat Tax would put $500.00 to $1,500.00 per month extra back into the average family’s pockets and re-grow the middle class which is the powerhouse of any economy. The best part, no more tax forms for private individuals. I know Harmonised Sales Tax sounds all pretty, but that goes too with the implementation of a flat tax. It will also boost the economy, since if you have 35% more in your pocket and only have to pat 5 to 8% than now more for product, you have an extra 27% to 30% more disposable income!

Excise Tax
Sorry, this has to stay, as the tax on gasoline covers the repair and building of roads. We might be able to cut it down a bit, but no guarantees. There is a finite number of tax dollars and they all have to work for the country as a whole to work properly. But I would lift the surety bond on ethanol stills for on-demand renewable fuel systems such as electrical co-generation (but you must have liability insurance). No tax on any fuel for electrical co-generation or distributed electrical generation. No tax on Solar, Wind or Geothermal electrical generation products and parts.

Personal Exemptions relating to imported goods will be increased from $20.00 to $200.00 to be inline with the United States. Any brokerage fees will be legislated to $10.00 maximum, after all, it doesn’t take any more effort, realistically, to type in the tax on $200.00 or the tax on $2,000,000. The UPS/Fedex/DHL/etc. brokerage scam has been going on for far too long.

Tax Removal
No tax on Food, Water, Infant’s and Children’s Clothes, Fuel Oil or Natural Gas or Propane or Electricity for heating private residences.

Canada the colony, should permanently divorce itself from England and become Canada, the country. A new Constitution/Charter of Rights would have to be written that would lay down the rights of all Canadians with importance being placed on the individual’s rights rather than the government’s, with no circumvention such as the Revenue Canada Exceptions.

Land Ownership
After paying taxes on the same land for thirty years (to cover educational and local government support), no more tax is due and payable on the land unless it is sold or transferred to a different party. How can anyone say they own their own home or land if this present government can take it away for failure to pay land tax? The system right now allows you to lease land from our feudal overlords, wasn’t that generous of them? The present way is the wrong way and there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel, we’ve all been taxed far too much for far too long.

Age Based Cessation of Taxes
After 65 years of age, basically NO MORE TAXES on the costs of staying alive. I expect right now, there is $100 per month in GST and $160 per month in PST being spent per couple just to stay alive. In the new program, the Flat Tax would be a little higher (remember, no income tax) at about $300 per month. This would go through an averaging analysis and then be rebated back every quarter to persons over 65. No one should have to pay tax after they have retired, since they have generally contributed more than enough to the country!

Electrical Utilities
Hello!!! We’ve paid down the transfer costs years ago, why are we being charged the past debt charges if they have already been paid and why did we have to in the first place? This is a huge SCAM that has to be stopped. The electrical utilities should be charging, at this time, no more than about 5.8 to 6.1 cents per kwh, anything more is gouging which I seem to remember is illegal. All electrical utility companies should be de-privatized and should taken back and controlled by the provincial governments.

Well, as soon as I post this CSIS will be all over my ass (of course they are anyway if you read the responses from CSIS and the Privacy Commissioner about me asking for information about myself), that’s what our privacy is like now. Police have ridiculous powers of search and seizure. I am sitting in a rural community typing this and 14 computers with 14 operators are sitting in the OPP station in the back room just a-watchin’ 4000 people, some possibly on the internet with, oh no, opinions! If the government did things right, if they didn’t have so much to hide, if there wasn’t rampant corruption, life wouldn’t be like this. We would not be living in a police state. It has to change! Tracking terrorists or child pornographers is necessary, but spying on people who have a different view than the corporations and lame-ass government, is just sick.

And speaking of CSIS, who is watching the “sniffer dogs?” SIRC? I have to laugh! Let’s have an independent body made up of normal people (yeah, normal... lol, IMF/Admiral’s Club/Bankers/etc) and government ministers watch over the activities of a “spy” organization put in place to spy on citizens. This reminds me of a situation I was involved in where the Provost and department head of a university were going to investigate themselves concerning evidence of malfeasance and illegal activity. Or when the lawyer for the shareholders of a company, oppresses or remove the rights of a shareholder illegally, because a shareholder doesn’t want to commit 150 million dollars in tax and public funds frauds in collusion with a university and government minister, and then the lawyer becomes president of the company.
I think in all three cases it’s called a CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

Every major decision that impacts Canadians would be held up to referendum, including the Constitution. There are computers in every library and government building, every Canadian has available access and the right to make their voice heard.

Grants and Sciences
All grants must be handled at arms length. There can be no more giving taxpayer dollars to friends and family. The Government of Canada is a corporation, let’s start running it like a profitable business where every Canadian is a shareholder that gets dividends quarterly or yearly!

Prices and the Necessities of Life
We live in a country that requires heat 60% of the year and air conditioning 20% of the year. The prices of products and services which are considered necessary to live and operate in life, such as gasoline, natural gas, food, etc. will have to be controlled within livable financial limits, rather that being allowed to float according to IMF and Stock Market rule. In Canada, we can produce all of our own food, we have 1/3rd the global fresh water, electrical generating plants, oil and natural gas and huge mineral and wood resources. Why should the IMF be able to dictate the prices Canadians pay for their own goods and services?

Green Renewable Technologies
Every Canadian person and/or corporation who converts to “Green Fuels”  and renewable energy technologies would receive subsidies and grants to help offset the cost of conversion.

Exporting Jobs
Taking jobs from Canadians and giving them to India or China may help big corporations like Stentor/Bell Canada, but it hurts Canadians. I would place a 50% tax on all employment contracted non-domestically unless the employment involved high technology areas. Call Centres are not high technology enterprises and they suck billions of dollars a year out of Canada for deposit into third world countries! Let’s get our own house in order first, charity begins at home and so does employment!

If we are going to sell off our mineral resources, wood, electricity, oil, natural gas and water to other countries, it should be at a premium. These are finite resources and when they run out, they’re gone forever.

Automotive Industry
As a large country that depends on transportation, I have to ask, “Why don’t we have our own automobiles?” Small area countries like Japan, England, France, Germany, Italy, even Mexico (larger than those countries) produce their own cars. What the hell is wrong with us? We need our own vehicles that we can tailor to our needs and that work on renewable resources, otherwise, we are at the mercy of imports from the US, Japan and anywhere else that wants to sell us cars, at a premium. And when we buy them, guess where the money is going... out of the country! We want to be an exporter of goods and an importer of jobs, not the other way around like we are now.

SPP, GATT, WTO, UN type Agreements
We should be canceling or at least rethinking  and changing our positions on these kinds of agreements.
Just because 4 billion people in the world allow their daughters at 9 years old to marry old men, doesn’t mean we should do the same just because of some lame UN Treaty. We are Canadians, we have our own history, values, ethics and morals, and we don’t need the rest of the world’s ideals forced upon us, thank you very much. And to that retard Tucker in the US, remember 1812. Canada is the only country ever to invade the US and win. The 911 catastrophe doesn’t count as it was IMHO an inside job, a false flag operation promoted and executed by the terrorist and felon, G. Duhbyah Bush and Co.

If you serve your country, your country should serve you!
Our military should be primarily in Canada, not overseas in some hellhole of a country trying to keep the peace for people who refuse to honour rules. Let that hellhole of a country sort out their own problems, we have things to do at home. So, Military personnel depending on rank would obviously be provided with an education free of charge, but also, if they choose to move up north into distributed commercial and/or farming communities to act as public safety and security personnel, then they would be provided with 1 to 5 acres of land and subsidies to build their home. For every year of service, one year of college or university.

Gun Laws
“When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.”

Now where does that leave the rest of us honest folk as anything but soft targets for the criminals, whether it be government or individual? Every Canadian above the age of majority could own one handgun, one shotgun and one rifle once they have completed successful mandatory weapons training and have gone through a psychological profile successfully. Ever person who owned a gun would automatically be registered as part of the Canadian National Militia. We have lots of commodities here that other countries want, like water, wood, natural gas, diamonds, gold, uranium and of course oil, ‘nuff said! I personally carried handguns (9mm Browning, 9mm Parabellum and DE 44 magnum) for years overseas with a conceal carry permit, I have never shot anyone in anger. I found that people were generally more polite and respectful to each other and started fewer physical confrontations when anyone might be carrying a gun. Responsible gun ownership reduces overall crime by 40% to 80%.

The only reason to disarm a population is because the government is afraid the people won’t be on their side when the government wants to enact even stricter laws that won’t be agreed to by the people. Dictators disarm populations.

Distributed Communities
I want to see farming communities that are self supporting in terms of energy generation. This would allow major tracts of land, in fact millions of hectares in the north to be used as productive farmland in the production of renewable energy sources as well as domestic food and food exports.

Is one of most important enterprises, without good nutritious food, we all die (remember Codex Alimentarius). I would propose increased subsidies, especially for farmers using renewable fuels to power their operations and no more genetically modified foods.

Canada is quite diverse enough! The doors would be closed, except to individuals with exceptional and verifiable backgrounds that are necessary for the betterment society. No more paid individual/family entry. Do you realize how many criminal families have bought their way into Canada?

Loans and Grants to Third World Countries
Sorry, charity begins at home. There would be no more unserviceable loans or cash giveaways to third world countries that contain ignorant and corrupt leaders like Robber Mugarbage in Zimbabwe. I feel badly for the people of Zimbabwe and other African/Asian nations, but I feel worse for our poor and we need to take care of our own first.

Doctors for Rural Communities
If a rural community has a high enough population density or the locale requires doctor(s) to support a large area, give them a house and land, gratis. Rural communities need dependable medical care, just like the people in the major cities. There is Crown Land all over the place, we need to make use of a little of it to help out the people in rural areas and to help carefully develop those rural areas!

If you can work, you should work. I don’t care if it’s cleaning up the environment or helping organize a library’s book stock. Welfare and social programs have to be available, but people on those programs need to contribute whenever they can. If you are into welfare fraud, 5 years jail time for every identity you use to compromise the system.

Health Care
It has to get better, re-commission hospitals and expand where necessary. As well doctors have to become doctors, not salesman for pharmaceuticals companies. The hospital system has to be expanded to prevent waiting room complications and deaths. We have an aging population that helped build this country, let’s show them a little respect.


So... That’s a little bit on my ideas
You can’t run a country like a charity for third world nations, you can’t run the country like a toilet for your southern neighbour or as a safe haven for terrorist’s families, you can’t run a country as the financial backer for a criminal international banking cartel, but you have to be rational and a realist, and understand that the welfare of our own people has to come first. It is unlikely that our relationship with the world community will change much because of our lack of sending good money after bad. Our relationship with the global community will change, but it will be with the UN and IMF/World Bank, the Committee on Foreign Relations in the US and the daemonic European Union. I think they would be a bit pissed off as we as a country might start a trend towards responsible government that is actually “for the people,” rather than for the elite, the bankers and the corporations.

When the government is afraid of the people there is liberty,
when the people are afraid of the government there is tyranny.

What can you do?
Pass on this information in e-mails!
Donate if you can to help form a new party!
Join up and become a representative for your area!

I just want change for the better and I want someone to run on this kind of platform and damn it,
I’ll do it myself if I have to!




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