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November 22 2012

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The Shoot-Down Theory

I’ve been hearing a lot about this theory lately and sometimes I even take it seriously because there is evidence that works well with a catastrophic fire scenario.


  • There was a fire onboard that had it’s own oxygen, it was an accelerated fire. so it could have been an ammonium perchlorate plus aluminum oxide mix.
  • Molten beads of magnesium, iron, silica and nitrates were found in the cargo door and surrounding area. This comes from both the Margo Inquiry and the TRC.
  • Aluminum was actually vapourized and iron/steel was melted.
  • The crown temperature reached 300 degrees C causing deformation and structural damage.
  • Carbon particles and carbon monoxide were found in the eight passengers lungs and bronchial tubes. This comes from both the Margo Inquiry and the TRC.
  • The passenger’s seat belts were not fastened (which would have cut the bodies in half on impact), therefore the fire accelerated out of control extremely quickly and disabled the passengers, possibly through smoke/carbon monoxide asphyxiation.
  • Solder reflowed inside the CVR, so we have extreme temperatures even in the tail of the plane. This comes from both the Margo Inquiry and the TRC.
  • A pipe from a jet engine and a toy car were found on the ocean floor, 15 nautical miles NE of the crash site on the flight path (150nm from Mauritius, crash was 135nm). This information comes from the investigators on the SRO and is contained in the Sonne documents.
  • One of the engines from the 747 was never found. This comes from the Margo Inquiry, the TRC and the SRO team.
  • Tony Snelgar’s conversation during the last 10 minutes of the MUR ATC recording is missing.
  • The CVR has either been overwritten or seriously altered to hide both Tony Snelgar’s conversation with Dawie Uys and the actual cabin conversation prior to the crash, or the CVR pulled from the ocean floor is a fake constructed to obfuscate the event.
  • Dr. Jansen who decoded the CVR for the Margo Commission was apparently experiencing hearing loss. This from investigators surrounding the TRC investications.
  • I had a CI/Armscor sponsored project running that required highly enriched fissile materials that was being transported on the Helderberg according to my CO. As I have said in the past, I have my own affidavits signed.
  • The SRO team had to wear RADSuits to handle the CVR and many of the components recovered from the ocean floor. The excuse was the depleted uranium counterweights in the wings, but, depleted uranium in solid form below 35 degrees centigrade is extremely safe and does not produce ionizing radiation. The actual material would have been around 2 to 5 degrees centigrade coming up from the ocean floor. This comes from the SRO reports.
  • The US had at least one aircraft carrier within range that could scramble an asset to intercept the Helderberg. This from CSO records from the US concerning monitoring the Iran/Iraq war and east Africa.
  • Every inquiry into this air disaster has refused to call key witnesses and had denied valid testimony and evidence from available witnesses, especially in the Margo Inquiry. This from the TRC inquiry and Margo Inquiry observers.
  • CSO at Diego Garcia recorded ALL commercial and military flight communications in their theatre of operations, in which the area of the crash was located.
  • Margo had been involved in investigations involving questionable findings in the past such as the Rietbok (Professor Bruwer), the Machel crash and Dag Hammerskjold’s plane (UN Secretary General in the early 60’s). This from documentation on the Internet concerning other Margo cases and his book.

Supposition based on evidence

  • It appears the plane had gone into a starboard bank and was trying to pull back to port in possibly a 30 degree bank to get back on course (from air crash experts). Based on debris patterns.
  • An AIM contacting a starboard engine would reduce thrust on the starboard side, very likely sheer off part of the wing causing drag and a reduction in lift and possibly force the plane into a starboard bank and turn. This comes from commercial simulators using fuselage drag and starboard engine loss plus partial wing loss.
  • Physical engine loss would have caused both electrical and hydraulic control loss. This comes from Boeing’s information.
  • Armscor, using CI, was transporting fissile materials for one of my projects and rocket fuel to Somchem/PMP Detonics for SAMS and AIMS. This comes from the Chief of CI.

Presently Unsupported Information

  • The shoot-down was performed by an experimental Mirage Type III, South African asset, with a Mig engine. This was an experimental prototype and the plane without engine was being stored at Hoedspruit AFB. The Mig engine was allegedly returned to Russia. There is some contention between sources as to whether the plane could have been stored at Hoedspruit.


What I have been told, is that if the Helderberg had of landed or crashed on Mauritius, the island would have been uninhabitable for 10,000 years. There is only one type of material that could do that kind of damage and that’s plutonium u/p239. My project used small rods of highly enriched fissile material in the range of 1/2”(min) to 1”(max) x 9” long. The special magnesium/aluminum lead lined compartment case from North Korea would have held 9 of these rods weighing about 1.5 to 2 kg’s each or in total roughly 16 to 18 kilograms. Under the right circumstances plutonium can achieve critical mass naturally at around than 16 kilograms (proximity and heat).

CVR2Since the fire on the plane was melting steel, it was well above the melting temperature of aluminum, solder (the CVR’s solder reflowed) and lead. Magnesium, iron, silica and nitrate beads were found in the cargo door and surrounding areas some of which might have been a byproduct of the case containing the fissile material, therefore, it is possible that critical mass could have been achieved under the right circumstance, eg. the case melting causing the rods to physically connect while bathed in a 1,000 to 3,000 degree environment.

CVR1I’m going to go on a little side excursion here... Since it has been evidenced that the solder in CVR re-flowed on the CVR circuit boards. For that to occur the temperature inside the CVR had to reach the melting point of solder, or at least 190 degrees centigrade. But, in critical aircraft components that have to withstand fire, the solder used generally has a melting point of 250 C or higher. You’ll notice in the pics of the CVR interspersed here, that there is still paint on the outer casing as well as the inner casing. If it was 190 C inside the case, we can imagine that it would considerably higher outside the case and all paint should be gone. The second problem, if we look at cvr3.jpg, is this looks like a magnetic tape transport, wound similar to an 8 track. Magnetic tape has a melting temperature of between 100 and 120 degrees centigrade and a reconstitution temperature (or baking repair temperature) of about 60 degrees C.

CVR3So, the Margo Inquiry, the TRC and the ANC wish us all to believe that even after solder reflow at 190 C plus inside the case, the magnetic tape remained readable even though it would have melted at 120 degrees C or less? But, I’m not finished yet... At above about 55 degrees C, the tape becomes unstable without re-baking and cooling as the magnetic particle “layer” breaks away against the tape heads, capstans and pinch rollers leaving an oily and mucky residue. The tapes have to be re-baked according to 3M and other magnetic tape manufacturers under specific temperatures and conditions. Above 90 degrees C, there is a reasonable probability that the entire tape will become one solid mass on the roll and become totally unreadable as it could not be pulled apart without destroying the magnetic particle layer.

Since it has been established that solder reflowed and the magnetic tape would have melted, the CVR pictured cannot be the CVR that was on the Helderberg. It must be a fake and I am not trying to take anything away from the “discovery” of this allegedly real CVR from the SRO personnel, it appears they were dupped just like everyone else. So where did this tape/recording come from? This is speculation, but I think the NP had to have some form of answer, so they took the ZUR tapes and the MUR ATC tapes, filtered and screwed around to produce something they thought might actually work. Knowing which areas were already surveyed and to what extent on the ocean floor, I think they dropped this “altered” CVR on the ocean floor and waited for it to be picked up by the SRO. It’s not really a stretch of the imagination to believe this could happen as almost everything said about the ability to recover and place objects at 4500 meters underwater in 1987/88 was a lie. A number of SRO vehicles were capable of salvaging entire submarines from the ocean floor at a depth in excess of 6000 meters at the time.

Now, if we take into consideration, that both the US and SA military attaches were on the ground in Taiwan and witnessed the loading of the Helderberg, including the “questionable weapons materials,” then it becomes apparent that if something had of gone wrong with the nuclear cargo on the plane, either the plane would have to self-destruct or be destroyed. The military of both countries knew what was being shipped and would have a number of contingency plans in place, some harsher than others, but all them bad.

And so we come again to who stood to gain from this heinous act of killing at least 157 innocent people (3 of them weren’t so innocent). It always comes down to who gained. The US were in bed with the South Africans on weapons deals for Iraq, corporate work in weapons systems, logistics through the CIA in Angola, and manipulations in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique (as well as other slightly northern sub-Sahara countries). On a public face the US was stirring up the world against SA, but in private (via multinational corporate interests) they were still managing huge weapons and technology deals. There were even public meetings between ANC terrorists, the US senate and state department. Publicly, the US government was auditing the nuclear disarmament of South Africa, but the corporations, who control the government, were privately breaking weapons and technology embargoes without fear of sanction. The US was playing both sides against the middle and using SA to their advantage, always prepared to use the old escape vector of plausible deniability.

The National Party stood to gain nothing through the destruction of the Helderberg, the loss of the weapons program or key personnel involved in the war in Angola. The ANC stood to gain but they neither had the logistics, funds or intelligence to pull off such a large undertaking without outside assistance.

So it really comes down to, who had the logistics, the funding and the intelligence to bring down this plane when the US knew what South Africa was carrying on board? I think I have answered this question elsewhere. But, is it possible that the plane was shot down simply to save Mauritius from a plutonium nightmare? Personally, I do think it’s possible, but more importantly, all rational scenarios point to foul play.


I am still trying to complete this investigation and get all the truth but it takes time. As of August 2008, the US FOIA office says we are 4th in the que, so we should start obtaining information hopefully in the next two to three months.




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