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November 22 2012

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The Engineered Fall
South Africa

Note: Before I get started here, let me simply say that I am not ‘big’ on conspiracy theories, they are depressing and lack substance or evidence. Trends and patterns of government behavior however, can be examined and analyzed. It seems like most government actions and manipulations are the result of bad luck, ignorance or just plain good old fashioned stupidity. But, that being said, we’ve all seen how politicians behave and we know that they have chosen this profession as they could not aspire to anything moral, ethical, useful or intelligent and anyway, when was the last time you saw a puppet with a brain?

George HegelThe Hegelian Principle and its Application

Georg Hegel, who died in 1831 was the founder of the principles of Hegelianism or the Hegelian Principle of Thesis, Anti-Thesis and Synthesis. This is a principle used with varying modifications, by governments, business and/or anyone for that matter, when trying to change a personal or larger mental or physical state.
It’s slight of hand for the minds of the masses.

King Philip IVAlthough the basic premise of Hegelianism has been used throughout history to change local and global situations, mass ideals and perspectives, it was coined, promoted and papered by Georg Hegel. The principle of Hegelianism is that if;

  • [Thesis] You create or amplify a problem and draw mass attention to it, and;
  • [Anti-Thesis] you apply your own solution to the problem to fix the problem, then;
  • [Synthesis] you have the ability to invoke new rules, laws and ideals to obtain the desired result.

Pope Clement VThis is one of the primary methods by which large scale socio-economic engineering works along with the Delphi Technique (later in this document). Notice that ‘you’ the person, company or government is the benefactor through the manipulation of other’s ideals and the way they view the world.

King Philip IV (Philip the Fair) and Pope Clement V used this same principle, long before Georg Hegel ‘coined’ the term, when they collectively destroyed the Knights Templar order on Friday, October 13, 1307 (hence Friday theKnights Templar Crest 13th is an unlucky day) using false charges of heresy to promote a land, cash and power grab while solidifying King Philip’s position and the Roman Catholic church’s hold on the masses. Another example is the Inquisition, created by the Roman Catholic church to repress the idea that women had value in anything other than bearing children and as well as to create controlled hysteria in the population to advance power and position of the church’s rank and file. The plan was to subjugate the masses and forcibly imprint ideas and attitudes, through fear, to be inline with the ideals of the Catholic Church. The bottom line however was to expand and centralize, the global power base of the time, in the Vatican.

The Hegelian Principle and the United States

President George H.B. BushAs recently as 1990 George Bush Sr., used the Hegelian Principle to start the removal process of Saddam and change the political playing field in the middle east while at the same time, take control of Iraqi natural resources. Generally, it takes a large scale Hegelian assault anywhere from 5 to 15 years to achieve the desired result. The time to completion for any plan, is dependent on the number of people you wish to influence and how large a change is required by the plan. Sometimes, the long term goals of the initiators require the incorporation of additional events to enhance the plan and to promote the required changes.

Saddam HusseinSomething the reader should know here concerning George Sr., the “big picture” and starting the Gulf War... In 1988 I was Chief of R&D for a military contractor related to Armscor in South Africa. I was highly security cleared as I designed lethal military security systems to protect government assets (and the borders). The company I worked for assisted in moving weapons from the US to Iraq through South Africa (during an arms embargo of course) with the help of the French and South Africans, and there was distinct intent and purpose to this action. After the Iran/Iraq war, Saddam’s munitions stock had been seriously depleted. The US wanted oil and Saddam needed to restock, so the company and collective sold him US made weapons under orders from the US government (I saw the waybills, a stack of shipping lists, which actually prompted me to quit, it’s one thing to kill terrorists, it’s another thing altogether to arm them). Anyway, the CIA had been “stroking” Saddam, prompting him to invade Kuwait and telling him the US would back him. For more information, you can read the “My Story” and “Stranger” pages or check “The Author” tab (If you want to see my work, download my Google Earth KMZ file). Ultimately, in getting Saddam to invade Kuwait, the US had a reason to remove him from power, install democracy (read capitalistic puppet government) and start the resource rape. But I digress a bit here, I just wanted to make sure the reader understands that I had a first person relationship with this situation as it was occurring in South Africa...

President Bill ClintonBetween the Bushes, we have Clinton for eight years, not a horrible president, but certainly a controversial one and quite the diversion. He was always sticking his ‘bits’ in someplace other than Hillary or becoming involved in scandals like Whitewater. America’s attention was effectively diverted away from Saddam, Osama and the radical Muslims who were working in the background. Because Americans had this new president coupled with the diversions he created, there was time to hit the World Trade Center in 1993 and start the spearheading campaign. But that wasn’t enough, the public was outraged but forgot the Trade Center bombing incident quickly. When Bush Jr., came into power in 2000, he knew he could control the media aPresdent George W. Bushnd finalize the plan his father started. Seven years was long enough to forget 1993 and train crazies properly (and there are radical crazies in every religion) to execute a much larger event that would definitely focus the American public on a problem away from the real agendas. I don’t think anyone can honestly believe that George Sr.or George Jr. thought this up on their own and executed the plan almost flawlessly.

Consequently, Saddam, fell 12 years after the first Gulf War in 1990 with interim Hegelian Thesis events involving the World Trade Center in 1993 and the most prominent, September 11, 2001, but these are just Osama Bin Ladenvery public examples and were a method to steer mass focus at the time on the problem to be created and amplified, radical Islam. In the beginning, it was extremely important that Bush Sr. not execute the takeover of Iraq himself, as public support was not at acceptable levels, so Bush and Co. needed to step back and allow distraction (Clinton) and support to take hold through other means (1993/2001). People needed a true villain, one they wanted, no, needed, to destroy, one that would solidify ideals and the direction of the American people, a common enemy that could insight fear and hysteria and that was Osama Bin Laden (1993/2001). Since Osama and the fanatical Muslims were in Saddam’s “pocket” according to George Bush Jr., all he had to do was cut of the head of the September 11, 2001 - World Trade Center Sequencesnake and the snake dies, right? Wrong, all the while, pretending to go after Osama, but it seems instead, he only went after his father’s old nemesis, Saddam and of course America’s “interests” in Iraq.

The precursory events which lead Saddam down the path to his final removal were;

  • a.) the Iran/Iraq war, promoted by the US (CIA) which depleted Saddam’s military and placed him in an “extended” position and;
  • b.) the US arms deals in 1988 to promote the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam (organized by the US, French and South Africans, SA was under embargo and sanctions at the time), this gave Saddam a helping hand for his military and brought his confidence level back up. If the US sold him weapons and told him Kuwait should be his, would the US attack him? and;
  • c.) the first Gulf War (1990), which of course was sponsored (under (b.)) and then executed by the United States with blessings from the UN, UK and world community and;
  • d.) that Saddam did not offer full capitulation to Bush Sr. after the First Gulf War, but instead rebuilt his army and weapons programs by selling oil to Europe, China and Russia, but not directly the US.

They built Saddam up so they could knock him down, this is very simple ploy used during business takeovers when the more powerful party wishes to consume the assets of a less powerful party (believe me, I know, been there done that). After the more powerful party makes sure you have extended yourself, financially or militarily, they can start with a war of attrition of which, sanctions and embargoes generally produce the correct result and if not, bribery and threats and if those don’t work, it’s generally followed by a full and complete assault, which can be legal or physical. Sound familiar with Iraq?

You can locate News Reports by Keith Olbermann (MSNBC) supporting how the Hegelian Principle has been used recently in the US. Listen to these and remember, create or amplify and change mindsets, offer a solution that only you can provide, change the law to suit your purposes and then there is a new paradigm, a new Thesis. Most striking (I believe) is the negation of large parts of the constitution of the US allowing “secret police” to apprehend US citizens without charge or access to an attorney. It’s a wake up call - “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”, Benjamin Franklin - Wikiquote.

Please note:

  1. I have no liking for Saddam as he has always appeared to be a self-righteous egocentric murderous megalomaniac and he needed to be removed, but I have to question the motives and the method. I also have to ask, “Is it friendly fire if you’ve armed your opponents with the weapons you’ve sold them?”
  2. In 1988, as referenced on the ‘My Story’ page, the bulk of weapons sent to Saddam for the invasion of Kuwait came from the US, through France to South Africa, where Armscor and a private company (I worked for) added the G5 cannons. Saddam’s weapons were seriously depleted after the Iran/Iraq war and he would not have been in a position to attack any neighboring country without intervention from outside sources (United States) and weapons suppliers.
  3. There is no evidence that I am aware of that supports the position that Bush and Co had any pre-knowledge of Sept. 11, 2001. However, over the last 6 years, that single catastrophe has been “milked” by politicians (or their puppet-masters) to get what they want (resources and control).

UN FlagThis same principle (Hegelian Principle) of forced change was launched against South Africa in the early 1960's (1963, 1967 and 1977) via the United Nations. The United States, Europe and hence the IMF comprising the main power base in the world (as Russia was failing), they recognized a potential problem. South Africa was quickly becoming a 1st world nation with an extremely inexpensive labor force due to the Apartheid laws. The up and coming South Africa would have provided a vOld South African Flagery serious level of competition in worldwide markets and in addition were developing an excellent power base through their military and weapons development capability. South Africa was also on a viable path in the early 80's developing nuclear weapon technology using Koeberg as a legitimized source of nuclear fuel and Palindaba/Velindaba for the enrichment processes. China and other Asian nations at the time were no real worry to the US, Europe and the IMF, and could be dealt with later, the South African issue was immediate and had to be dealt with, within 10 to 15 years before South Africa became too economically powerful on the world stage.

The Hegelian Principle and South Africa

Hence the use of the Hegelian principle against South Africa to force a new world-view. The US, the UN, Europe and IMF needed a target problem that could be focused upon easily by the “lay person” and academics alike, or one which already existed that could be used, manipulated and/or amplified. The target problem that was used was Apartheid, simply because it could with media pressure, generate global indignation and could be easily 'criminalized'. In addition, Canada, where extreme social engineering has been in place for years, could be used to spearhead the campaign for the ‘cause against the evil South African government’.

  • [Thesis] The US, Canada, the UN and Europe heavily promoted and amplified the ‘problem’ of Apartheid to the point of global indignation and the conversion of ANC terrorists into heroes.
  • [Anti-Thesis] This allowed the UN et al, to impose sanctions and an embargo against South Africa in an attempt to force change and remove the ‘competition’ by changing the political topography in South Africa.

The plan didn't work well at first, of course, as South Africa was wholly self-sufficient, it produced its own food, weapons, raw materials, oil and gas and had many exports, which included electricity to its neighboring countries. Therefore, it was necessary to make modifications to the plan that involved disruption from within the broederbond, the higher echelon of South African politics and the military. Conflict surrounding public events would be a good start.

  • Samora Machel[Anti-Thesis] The diversion of Samora Machel's plane in October of 1986, using false beacon technology developed by the Israeli’s in conjunction with South Africa and a large US electronics firm created the first long term incident to incite dissent concerning PW Botha’s government’s viability and to create additional problems with its neighbor states. The plan put pressure on South Africa, but nothing changed. For the entire plan to work, larger, more direct and insidious events would have to be engineered from inside the South African government.

The event with the greatest impact, which finally started the change in the political downhill slide of South Africa, was the destruction of the Helderberg on November 28, 1987.

  • [Anti-Thesis modified] The Helderberg catastrophe, this single event, due to coverups, subterfuge, illegal activity, embargo breaking and the diversion away from the facts by the Margo Commission, brought disgrace to the National Party, South African Airlines, Armscor and the SADF, along with considerable public dissension. This one incident caused a turning point, it destabilized South Africa through the use of demoralization and humiliation, and the loss of specialized weapons and raw materials (APC/AMP and highly enriched U239), it has been alleged (and not just by me, there’s a history) were being carried on the plane. The loss of these materials stopped or delayed three companies in two advanced weapon’s programs from developing weapons systems and devices that were to be used in the Angolan Conflict against the Cubans and Russians to take down the Migs that were giving the SADF (and Pretoria) so much grief. Armscor lost its EMP Cannon and the accelerated SAMS projects which would have won the war in Angola.
  • [Anti-Thesis modified] The Angolan Conflict was eventually lost and abandoned by South Africa which further demoralized the NP, the SADF and Armscor, and started South Africa’s final capitulation and ultimately, the slide towards the death of a nation. In addition, South Africa would no longer be the ‘caretaker’ of South West Africa which was a great financial loss and SWA would become Namibia.
  • [Anti-Thesis modifed towards Synthesis] During this time, the world made Nelson Mandela a hero. He was just the ANC's poster boy for Terror, but he was made into something opposite to, and much greater than, what he actually was by the UN, US and Canada. This was the beginning of the time of social or ideological inversion in South Africa in which terrorists would become heroes and the common people, blacks and whites alike, would become the victims.
  • New South African Flag[Synthesis] In 1994, after the release of Mandela and the South African General election, the plan was complete. South Africa entered the final stage of Synthesis, which was the introduction of a highly corrupt and non-experienced governing body that could be easily ‘turned’ to release the wealth of South Africa for a pittance to the designers of this plan. In effect, to allow the raping and pillaging of the country in much the same way as any barbarian, except through the use of ‘civilized’ tools, like the Hegelian Principle.

    Note: One very important point to be made on the “designers” of the plan, “Who gained?” It wasn’t the ANC, look at Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana and Angola, they are all struggling. It wasn’t Mugabe, as his control over Zimbabwe and within the ANC is slipping, he’s being touted as one of the most idiotic dictators of all time. It isn’t the US, Canada or any European nation directly, they are all telling their people to stay away from South Africa. It isn’t most private or public companies as many are closing up shop and getting out of South Africa because of the crime and corruption. So, whichever companies are staying the longest, could give a clue as to who is benefiting. I’m not going to spell it out in this paragraph, I expect if you are reading all this, you have the intelligence to find your own answers.

The Delphi Technique and South Africa

Once the world-view concerning South Africa and Apartheid was changed to allow the ANC to take over in 1994, a new process was needed to effectively eliminate any and all resistance. This is known as the Delphi Technique and is often used after a successful Hegelian Principle manipulation.

You can do a bit of reading on the Delphi Technique at the page containing the article by Lynn M. Stuter, “The Delphi Technique, What is it?” Want to know how to disrupt the Delphi Technique? Here is another link from and in the link are the disruption techniques.

Stuter’s article is quite good and looks at smaller groups as applied to teachers and school boards, but it is very easy to enlarge and use this technique in applications involving totalitarian regimes. The National Party used the same process in controlling South Africa, so it is understandable it would be used again. This will give you an idea of how the economists of the world have removed the whites in South Africa from any part of the decision making process by using the Delphi Technique for reducing opposition to planned change.

Because South Africa has been “dumbed down” it makes it easier to syphon off the value of the country into foreign coffers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe the indigenous people in South Africa are stupid, they just aren’t educated to first world standards and this is the result of the ANC’s constant hammering to burn down schools, incite violence and provoke criminal activity. It took it’s toll and now there is an almost 25+% AIDS population rising at 580,00+ new cases per year, infant mortality is at 65+ deaths/1000 live births, an average IQ of less than 80 and a currency that has dropped from 2.62R per 1us$ to anywhere from 7R-13R per 1us$ and you can expect it to get worse.

Just looking at the AIDS problem alone, a person has a better than 1 in 4 chance of getting AIDS through normal sexual contact and a 1 in 1.1 chance if they are raped. Roughly 83 rapes (average) are reported daily and they say that only 10% of rapes are actually reported. That looks like about 300,000 new AIDS cases per year (plus infection from consensual partners) which is not far off the *370,000 AIDS deaths in 2003 (*CIA WorldFacts).

This is Nelson Mandela’s and the ANC’s legacy to the people of South Africa for being used as the puppets that they are. What I find totally ridiculous, is the fact that Mandela was given the Nobel Peace Prize, but he was the poster boy for ‘NewSpeak’ and ‘NewThink’ in Africa, and it doesn’t matter how many people he has killed, directly or indirectly. George Orwell and Hegel would be proud, Synthesis has taken hold to produce a new Thesis. But governments should be careful what they wish for and how they manipulate people, lest they instill the same ideals as Mandela’s, in children who will eventually grow up and throw them out of power, in the name of a new” jailer” and at any human cost (as has happened in South Africa fully supported by the world).

(** I’d like to see the United States go in and sort out this problem, but I don’t think the US has a pressurized interest base in South Africa. After all, the US in the past was up to their necks in this situation and it is not in their best interests to change South Africa into something normal as that would most definitely defeat the plan and long term goals of the UN/IMF.**).

If you want to know what South Africa is like now, the type of crime driven feral obscenity it has become, you can check the following links, but understand, in some the images are more than very disturbing;

In Conclusion

Now that the ANC is in power and has been for the last 12 years, the world ignores the slow genocide and ethnic cleansing of the citizens in South Africa, white, black and colored, because the people of the world have been programmed, by way of the Hegelian Principle, to believe that the ANC has the right and should be allowed to kill off anyone who disagrees with their ideals. Consensus through Global manipulation, how seriously Orwellian. The “NewSpeak” in South Africa (and the world it appears since Mandela was instilled with a Nobel Peace Prize) is that the terrorists are now the Heroes and this IS supported by the world-view dynamic. I wonder if the US government and the liberal aristocracy will eventually elevate Osama Bin Laden to ‘sainthood’ as they have done with Nelson Mandela?

In looking at the past and the present (and as noted above), who are the benefactors of change in SA? It cannot be the indigenous people of South Africa, they are dying from crime, AIDS, antibiotic resistant tuberculosis, living in poverty and squalor with a plague of rats and are suppressed by their nepotistic ruling class. It cannot be the white Afrikaner who developed business, commerce and infrastructure, as they are oppressed by the ruling elite and killed and raped daily in the accelerating and violent cesspool of crime and genocide (ethnic cleansing) in South Africa. Land grabs are starting to take place in South Africa as they have under Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. We all know what happened there, military rule, white farmers being killed, the country losing it’s ability to support crops and therefore its population, 4 and 5 digit inflation, oppression of the media in any report that makes Mugabe look like what he actually is, a greedy and corrupt marxist dictator totally insensitive to the people of Zimbabwe. And talking Mugabe’s cue, a few of South Africa’s rulers and sub-rulers are still skimming the pot (actually, they’re dipping deep) through massive amounts of corruption using embezzlement, fraud and bribery, both locally and internationally.

Of course we can’t forget Winnie Mandela, who locally set that standard for South Africa in the late 80’s and early 90's for fraud, theft and embezzlement, and for raping and killing in 1989/90. She was charged with underage rape and murder, tried and found guilty, but she was pardoned by her husband, Nelson Mandela, who then made her Minister of Culture, go figure? It’s funny how the world forgets the terrorism of people like Mandela, his ex-wife and the ANC, the bombs and the murders, the killing of “innocents” and the rivers of blood that flowed from their kind of thinking, and their actions. I’ve seen innocent families sliced in half by anti-personnel mines in the Limpopo Valley. Mines placed by Mugabe’s ANC marxist government (the same ANC is in South Africa). All those people wanted to do was wash their clothes, instead, they got dead.

But, Nelson Mandela (ANC) did get the Nobel Peace Prize (I am still wondering and shaking my head over that one... ), but it is part of the Grand Manipulation using the Hegelian Principle, one must create false Heroes in order to effect change. And according to “NewSpeak”, right is wrong and wrong is right and if it gives you what you want in the end, then damn the masses, they mean nothing to the people in control.

The organizations making the most off the backs of South Africans are the IMF and the World Bank. The US, UN and the European Union seem to be getting a share, but it is limited to what the IMF and World Bank want to hand out, the leashes are short it seems. The South African’s have be forced to trade local political control for an insidious remote economic manipulation and a corrupt, poorly organized, seriously inexperienced and ineffectual local government. What a deal and all the time the people of South Africa are dying by the thousands! Remember the number, more than 1,000 a day just from AIDS. Make no mistake, governments do not control countries, everything in this world is ordained and blessed by a few hundred “economists.”

This book, “With Malice And Forethought,’ is about a few of the incidents between 1986 and 1990 in South Africa that lead up to the release of Nelson Mandela, the capitulation of the National Party and the South African people. It’s not about why it happened, just about what happened during those years from from an involved first person perspective.

As far as my views on Apartheid, it was an unfair, demeaning and demoralizing system of oppression for both whites and blacks, that favored only 15% of South Africa’s people, regardless of their intelligence level (and there were a lot of stupid and arrogant white Afrikaners as in any society, we all have our good and bad). However, the ANC has gone at least fifteen steps down the ladder in providing an obscene hell to 99% of the population and allowing only 1% to flourish based on nepotism and criminal behavior. Can it get worse? I’m sure we will find out by the 2010 World Cup.

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