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November 22 2012

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Government/Institutional Corruption
Corporate Malfeasance
Just some opinions and allegations, we’ll call them

I considered putting up separate pages for each area of potential interest, but I have pulled those tabs. I’ll do it all on this page when I get the time.

The stories I could tell if I wasn’t being legally forced through gag orders to protect politicians, bureaucrats, universities and other institutions.

Back in 1997, a “Gatekeeper” out of Los Almos with a name like a military officer, told me that, “We supply and direct the funding and we control what people think they need.” The “We” being the “Gatekeeper” and his friends in high places. It’s 10 years ago, but those words still ring true, “they” do have all the control and we have given it to them by providing them the shadows in which to operate and our blind trust that they know better.

South Africa

Back when I was in South Africa, you did business with your friends, you took care of them and made sure you had a lot of friends to take care of you. I am presently searching my hard drives and old paperwork for a letter I wrote back in 1990 that gave detailed information on questionable ’situations’ in business and politics. I suppose all the names, amounts and physical transfers of property could be construed as evidence, if it can all be traced back properly. But that was seventeen or more years ago and the old NP government is no longer in power. What does it matter if Ministers took carafe bottles filled with wine and Krugerands or officers received cars to facilitate private companies receiving defense contracts? Or Eskom buyers getting party girls to insure the flow of contracts, or the occasional car, pool or house addition? I’ll never really understand it, why did the owners/directors  have to pay people off? Should I write about this? Let me know...

December 1, 2011 - As an update, the letter, has been found. It is the one I made 10 copies of and left with people in South Africa in an attempt to secure our survival. It is also the letter I tried to give to Adrian Brazeau, the Canadian Admin Consul in Pretoria. Brazeau refused to accept the 9 page document as “this type of information get’s people killed” and in reference to me that I was dead but I just didn’t know it yet. That was 21 years ago just before we left South Africa and the letter has not surfaced anywhere to date.

Canada - General Corruption

I will have to be a little more careful in this area as I do live in Canada, for now. Even though the book and these web pages have been published outside of the borders of our suffrage paying, monarchy controlled, pretending to be a country, British Colony, I still have legal concessions to make in accordance with Canadian Law and any court sanctioned agreements which may be in force. Revenue Canada however, is a “funny” bunch whom I have dealt with at length. Since the law requires it, if you hand them the “smoking gun,” the “body,” the people who pulled the trigger, the documented motive, had the video of the crime and threw in all the paperwork fixin’s”, they still couldn’t find their collective asses even if they were sitting on them, with all their communal hands and prosecute the perpetrators. But, Revenue Canada like a Hyena or Vulture, will only attack people or corporations that it thinks can’t, or won’t, fight back. Like the common person who doesn’t have the money for legal resources to take them at their own game. Revenue Canada personnel definitely have a motivation to “not bite the hand that feeds them” as I have found when exposing government corruption. Unless the information is public, Revenue Canada will not attack its own kind.

Just a side note in April 2009, I did an FOIA on myself with Foreign Affairs as well. They happen to be the bunch that told Director Baronette’s (RevCan Scarborough) office that I was “that mercenary back from South Africa.” Well, I put in the FOIA request in October/November of 2007. I was just contacted by Foreign Affairs the other day, April 2009, concerning my request. An FOIA request requires a 30 day response BY LAW with either the information requested or a reason for refusal, not 18 months! GovCan has broken their own laws again, go figure! But this is what happens when Revenue Canada or Foreign Affairs want to protect corrupt and negligent employees and ministers.

If anyone knows how to reach R. Adrian J. Brazeau (RAJ Brazeau, past Administrative Consul during 1990 - Canadian Embassy in Pretoria) to get him to contact me, please go for it. I just need to question him.

Canada - SRTC Programs

I need to say something here about the SRTC programs of the 80’s, since Revenue Canada pops onto my page every once in a while to look up shit like this. I experienced the SRTC corruption in 1985/86 through a gentleman (and I use that term loosely) named Don Wilson, he ran a company named Lasertron in Mississauga, Ontario. Lasertron received a cash transfer of about 2 million for an SRTC transfer option from a rather large Japanese corporation with offices in Canada. You probably have some of their products. Mr. Wilson, against SRTC rules, purchased real estate. In his delusional concept of reality, he somehow believed he could turn 1.5 million in real estate plus $500k in cash into 20 million in applicable research in a year.

He needed someone to perform real research and that was where I cam in, I worked on die polarization macro-photography solutions, encryption systems engineering and optics for spy satellites. In the end, Wilson only really had the $800k in contracts with my company and of course the real estate costs. Simple math tells you that $1.5m plus $800k does not equal $20 million in legal SRTC expenses. I went ot the Federal government (that corrupt bunch of garbage in Ottawa) and asked them to sort out their program as I had been burned for nearly $800k. To wit, they told me it was a civil matter between Wilson and myself, but that didn’t matter, they said since he was going to be charged with SRTC fraud and I wouldn’t be able to get my contracts paid anyway. That’s our fucked up Canadian government, always pushing bogus programs and never responsible for their outcomes.

Canada - Other Programs

I need to sit down and really try hard to explain grant programs like the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF), now that one is pretty corrupt from my vantage as well. I will break it down and name names soon enough. Just for a heads up if you are applying for this grant, be prepared to hire on, “someone-in-the-governments-relative-or-friend” most likely “under-the-table” or you probably won’t be getting your grant. Can you tell I have dealt with these alleged people? Sure, knew ya could.

Canada - CSIS and SIRC (du Soleil)

Now here’s is something that truly brings credence to Einstein’s quip "There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not so sure about the universe."

CSIS is an organization that does two types of work, one part time and the other full time. On the part time side, they look for alleged “terrorists” and the full time side, they cover the governments ass, the known terrorists. It’s that simple. Do politicians involved with CSIS and/or SIRC lie? Of course they do, I think I still have the e-mails. Yep, I do.

CSIS is like the long gun registry, they are both dead weight, money pits and need to be disbanded. Of course that also applies to 100% of our existing government, meaning MP’s, MPP’s, Prime Schiesters and of course useless twits like a governor general and all those lefty provincial generals. The idea of monarchy may have been beneficial in some way, though I doubt it, 500 years ago, but now it’s just gotten old and stupid.

You may think that my ideas are seditious, I don’t really care. Right is right and wrong is wrong and man, right now, this whole colony (Canada is not a country) of political fools is way wrong. All you have to do is the math when it comes to federal income tax and the bank of canada interest support payments to the IMF

If you want to see something really stupid go here to SIRC look at all the top secret garbage. Transparency and Accountability, my ass.

Canada - Universities, Banks, Brokers and Private Sector Companies

Well, I won’t say anything here as there is a huge body of information on conflicts of interest, corporate malfeasance and fraud pertaining to the above groups in Canada, actually everywhere. One possible case is explained in the book in some detail, as I always say however, people will believe what they want. I haven’t been called into court yet to give testimony, that situation depends on the federal government actually doing something honest. I made the mistake of coming down on principle on the right side, rather than the illegal side, and because of that, there’s not a lot I can factually talk about outside of a court of law were I am legally compelled to provide the information. I can’t name names, but I wrote the story in accordance with my court order.

Note: In reading the above, this may give you some idea as to why the book is labeled as fiction. I can’t use real names which is truly a shame.

Now It’s Early in 2007, 10 Years Gone...

In 1997 a mutual funds management firm, a university, a couple of government ministers, a lawyer, an very large accounting firm, a wealthy seemingly philanthropic businessman and a private sector company got together and pulled off one of the largest “unknown” tax and public funds frauds in Canadian history, this incredible event was to the tune of about $150,000,000. Do you know who they are? Of course not, this information has been buried with the help of the Supreme Court and Revenue Canada since 2001.

The Response from CSIS to my recent FOIA Request on myself

A bit on Bell Canada...

I figure this is the best place to sum up Bell Canada on their apparent lack of intelligence, structure and customer service;

“genius has its limits, stupidity knows no bounds”
(A statement that reflects my opinion of Bell Canada)

I had to perform all the research on the hack attempts to my cell phone account and internet accounts, personally. Bell was not helpful at all, actually they impeded the investigation, in solving the mystery of the canceled accounts. Even though the numbers calling in to cancel the accounts were not attached to the accounts, they canceled them anyway. If you run into this problem with Bell, always ask for the number from which you supposedly called, to cancel or make changes to the account. Remember, they are supposed to put notes in your history and they do have a caller ID system. Don’t let them tell you “your number” or they don’t know, because that’s patently bullshit.

November 30, 2009 - Now here is idiocy, more of Bell Canada... After 7 years I canceled my business internet account with Bell. During my subscription period, my account was canceled 9 times by third parties pretending to be me over the phone, even though there was a solid password on the phone-in account. I canceled my account not just because of the stupidity of third party cancelations but because of Bell’s policy of DPA (Deep Packet Analysis) which is an invasion of privacy and copyright infringement. The Canadian courts have ruled that Bell are within their rights and are allowed to break the law, so we have a different rule for Bell, than for everyone else. But onto the new horse shit, re my cancellation in May 2009, it’s about principals ... I did everything right, phoned in the cancellation, waited for the modem return package, sent back the modem and got the paperwork stamped and then waited. In August I called them and was told I did not send back the modem. So I faxed through the Post Office paperwork and they said I would receive my $90 credit in 4 weeks. THEY LIED! In September I called them and they said that the paperwork processing had been missed and I would have to wait another 4 weeks. MORE BULLSHIT! In October I called them again and they said that they didn’t know why the cheque had not been sent and said they would note the problem on my account. MORE BULLSHIT! It’s now November, 6 months after I canceled the account and 5 months after I sent the modem back and still nothing. I called again today, they gave me a cheque number and said it was issued on October 29, 2009. Well, it’s November 30, 2009 and I don’t think it takes 30 days to mail a cheque, so MORE BULLSHIT! Bell’s policies indicate to me that they are LIARS and CRIMINALS.

Beware dealing with Bell, it seems that if they can screw it up, they will. I would suggest if you have the option to change services, DO IT! Corporate dinosaurs should be extinct!




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