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November 22 2012

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With Malice

Please remember the victims and their families of
the Helderberg Catastrophe of November 28, 1987.

With Malice and Forethought
An Autobiography on Life and Corruption
(How to cover up killing 160 innocent people
 and How to get away with $150 million in tax fraud)

Dave Meckanic

All Web and other Pages Copyright © 1999 - 2008
ISBN-10: 1419639269
ISBN-13: 978-1419639265

Some of the names of the characters in this book are fictitious,
yet they represent real people from my past.

If the names used in the second half of the book bear any resemblance to actual persons,
living or dead, actual companies, active or inactive, or governments, it is purely coincidental.

In addition consider everything here simply opinions.

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A Notation Concerning NDA’a and Secrecy Agreements

I have NO EXISTING AGREEMENTS with the Canadian, US, South African Governments, any department or organization such as Armscor, Denel, CSIS, the RCMP, CIA or any other organ of the military/industrial complex that would prevent disclosure of any information pertaining to my time in South Africa.

If such agreements were in place, I wouldn’t be saying anything. CSIS would have been wise to invoke such a requirement in 1990, but they did not.

There are agreements in place concerning information from 1995 forward that will not be breached. The only operable disclosure method for said information is in a court of law, which undoubtedly would be conducted in private and sealed from public disclosure.

The CSIS Response to my FOIA request concerning myself
updated with my formal complaint to the Privacy Commissioner
(includes the original request wording, notations and the relevant parts of the Privacy Act)

Privacy Commission Response
(please bear in mind that neither External/Foreign Affairs nor the Privacy Commission have addressed the fact that External/Foreign Affairs ignored my FOIA request).

Forum 5/Cineflix/Mayday

Using National Geographic as a launch vehicle, the episode known as “Cargo Conspiracy” has been aired in early April 2008. This docudrama is available in a number of locations on the internet. I have seen it and my review is in the blog/Helderberg page and of course on the FlyAfrica Forum. You can find the episode using a Google Search. I found the program to be nothing more than a “fluffy” piece of entertainment with very few facts, some misinformation, no background information on the weapons trade or politics of the day and absolutely NO ANSWERS as to why the plane went down. Since I was involved in the weapons development program that used the Helderberg as a “mule” via Armscor and CI, my opinion might be valid.



Rough Diamond Shard

Have You Seen ‘Blood Diamond,’ The Movie?
This is not a conflict diamond, but it certainly is a shard off a rough diamond
(Click on the pic to go to the explanation)

For all those that use Google Earth, I have generated a partial list of locations in the book that can be downloaded and saved for reference.
(I will update this KMZ file and add locations from time to time)

Google Earth - With Malice And Forethought
Date: September 30, 2007

This is one book Oprah Winfrey might not touch, because a minor part of the story examines the false illusion surrounding Nelson Mandela and his ex-wife, Winnie Mandela, and mentions historical facts that the mainstream media do not like to talk about. And then there is the problem of ‘blood.’ How many people are in high places now including Baby Brokers, whose education and lives have been bought with the blood of others and their families? I know a few of them and you’d be surprised how many people there actually are. Of course one also has to consider the sociopolitical impact of actors, actresses and others in the public eye who use these services, I must know of 10 of these kinds of people.

I don’t think the UN (United Nations), ANC or the IMF/CFR/World Bank is going to be pleased either, considering I’ve started to draw a rather straight line from 1960 to 2010 that outlines a 50 year Hegel based plan. Of course there are more plans in the works other than South Africa, but it’s a good example of how a select few can influence the world to change an entire country for their own purposes.


About the Book, With Malice and Forethought

An explanation by an author is always beneficial when it comes to their motivation in writing a particular work. In a way, it lets the reader ‘see’ into the writer’s head. In these few (and still growing) pages, I explain myself somewhat and the reasons why this book was necessary, at least to me, but I’m just one guy, what does my past or opinion matter?

 I wrote this book as a means to an end, to hopefully purge my ‘soul’ of all the evil events I have seen or participated in, and didn’t have the power to change. Maybe, to pass on a little information that might help other people understand how bad it can actually get when you really have no choices in the decisions, that you assume you make.

A large number of people who have read the book have told me that I examine and explain a few very dangerous topics that may worry governments, educational institutions, stock brokers/mutual funds and of course private business. They are right, I do look at a number of serious events from a factual and personally involved “first person” perspective. These situations and events happen almost daily in different countries around the globe. Governments through covert operations, blow up planes, government ministers take bribes and kickbacks and private companies pay them, crooked judges sway decisions based on who is paying their “salaries” and the educational institutions support the entire process to gain points, position and hard cash. People caught in the crossfire are generally just collateral damage or acceptable losses.

Such is life, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

What information is in the book that might create problems for some?

The old Canadian SRTC and new SR&ED Program
Armscor Business Operations and Affiliates
The Border/Base Lethal Electrified Fence Systems in South Africa
Armscor Weapons Programs
US Sanctioned Embargo Breaking Weapons Shipments
The Helderberg plane crash/catastrophe of November 28, 1987
The US/Iraqi Arms Deals in 1988 to promote the invasion of Kuwait
Nelson and Winnie Mandela
Why “not to go” to the Canadian Embassy for help
Unusual practices in the National Research Council of Canada
Liberal Government and Ministerial Corruption, 1996 and forward
Corrupt practices and malfeasance in Canadian Universities
Corrupt Practices and malfeasance in large Canadian Banks and Stock Brokerages
Corrupt Practices and malfeasance with large Canadian Accounting Firms
Corrupt and Inept practices in Revenue Canada

What you may learn;

How you can get steered into doing something totally against you principles
How governments and business manipulate people and situations to get what they want
How shareholder agreements work to harm investors in Brokerage and Mutual Funds
How to ‘buy’ university professors and government ministers
How to commit $150,000,000+ in tax and public funds fraud and get away with it
Why it’s a good idea to have offshore accounts and IBC’s

As shown above, there’s Canada as well...  a totalitarian mindset experiment in socialist Hegelian Philosophy and really, just another corrupt mess. It’s actually quite funny, in Canada, if you change disenfranchised indigenous people to disenfranchised middle and lower class, then we are the new Apartheid. There are so many parallels in the fundamental operating principals of Canada and the old South Africa (except for race), it’s actually scary.

I was normal once (really, I was), if that word holds any form of meaning. But after my exposure to Armscor, their affiliates in South Africa, the borders of Angola, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the killing and corruption, I changed into ‘something’ that I didn’t even
recognize, I am out of that ‘mode’ now, but I had to write the book to get it out of my system.

This story is written as an autobiography with all the names in the second half changed to protect the innocent and shield the guilty, so, believe what you will. The story at times may seem detached from reality, but it isn’t, I have just changed a few little technical items here and there, because I didn’t want to create a book on how to make the devices that I used to design and build.

 Anyone can show you a path, but no one can force you to travel it.
If my story helps one person find the truth about the Helderberg, the US/Iraqi arms deals, covert activities or any of the subjects it contains, or helps them to seek out the truth,
then I have done my job.

Who has been looking?
(August 2006 to August 2008)

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The book is
It is being prepared for re-release with real names.

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